Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Never Mistake Activity for Achievement - VH Newsletter March 2018

This quote rings in my head daily and it is one of the best things Coach Gendron (URI Offensive Line Coach) ever taught me during very formative years of my life.   At 19 years old, away from home, “living on my own”, playing for a division 1 school, and getting out of study hall after one semester I really thought I had it all figured out.   Fast forward a year, I had yet to play a snap, out of shape, back in study hall and in jeopardy of being sent back home!   I seemingly was doing it all, showing up, doing MY part.    

What Coach Gendron helped me realize was that MY minimum wasn’t going to be enough to get it done.   After about 6 months of hearing, “Daniel, don’t mistake activity for achievement,” I finally started to realize what he was talking about.   Through coach Gendron’s guidance I was able to right the ship, playing in 30 games (starting 20 of them), graduating on time, and being awarded an internship with our AD during my 5th year.   But this story isn’t about me, it’s about recognizing truly great coaching.


Coach G didn’t get through by forcing the technical side of football, or yelling and screaming - not at all.  He helped me recognize why I was there in the first place and what it was going to take to reach my full potential.   He was patient, stressed being fundamentally sound, and above all held us accountable.   Trust was built upon that foundation.  Regardless of wins or losses, Coach G positively impacted many, many people.   

That’s the “science” of coaching.  It’s not about the trainer who stares at a stop watch counting reps, barking orders, and then hanging out.   Coaches are there to help you remember your “why”.  Whether it be to lose 30 pounds, have more energy to hang with the family, earn a varsity letter, or go to the NFL - whatever the goal the Coach is responsible to help keep the athlete aligned. 

One of the best parts about our jobs at Varsity House is that it gives us the opportunity to teach people that anything is possible with consistent hard work and effort. In the gym, as well as in life, hard work and effort is rewarded with results. Never do the minimum, have a goal, and surround yourself with coaches that help keep you HUNGRY, HUMBLE, and committed to excellence.

Thank you to Coach Gendron for helping to instill these values, I can promise we are doing our best to keep them alive at Varsity House Gym!

In Strength,
    -Dan Goodman

PS – If you are interested in the coaching process at Varsity House Gym, shoot me a personal e-mail HERE


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