Monday, October 30, 2017

My Scale Is A Liar!

Everybody reacts differently to different meal plans. Some people will see results very quickly, while others may take some time to see those same results. This is normal, and it’s why you can’t compare yourself to anybody else. Sometimes it just takes time. We are so used to a fast-paced world and wanting instant satisfaction, but it just doesn’t always happen that way – and that’s okay! Maybe we need to be a little more patient or maybe we need to make some more changes in what we are doing. Sometimes it the smallest things that are stopping our progress. Here are 4 scenarios that could be the reason you aren’t getting the results you are looking for, and what you can do to fix it.

1. You are "eyeing out" your portion sizes!
We are known for misjudging our serving sizes, that's a fact. We are known to be inpatient and wanting everything to be quick and unfortunately this reflects back to the kitchen. Instead of grabbing the measuring spoon we eye it out, instead of pulling out the food scale, we estimate with our palm or fist. We misjudge, we build up calories, and we are not losing weight.

How do we fix it?
Spend some time tracking your food and measuring everything out. This is not something you will need to do forever, but you would be surprised how much quinoa is really in 1/2 a cup, and how small a serving of olive oil really is. Spend about 2 weeks measuring EVERYTHING out and recalibrate your expectations of what an appropriate serving size should really look like.

 2. You aren't sleeping enough!
Our bodies rely on a variety of hormones that regulate while we are eating and sleeping. Our bodies work best on a regular schedule; eating at the same times, going to sleep at the same time, and waking at the same time. Our bodies recover when we eat and sleep, so if we aren't eating or skipping meals and our sleep routine is all out of whack, it reflects back to weight gain or weight plateaus.

How do we fix it?
Prioritize your sleep schedule. You can't just create good eating habits, you need to create good lifestyle habits as well. Do your best to get in bed around the same time every night. Turn off the tv, cell phones, iPad, etc. at least 30 minutes before going to sleep. All the technology and lights from these devices are actually confusing your body and keeping you awake longer. Try an all-natural sleep aid if needed, or take magnesium to relax your body.

3.  You aren't practicing mindful eating!
What does that mean? It's one of the most powerful weight loss tools. This means you slow down and actually chew your food. You eat without distractions. And your noticing what it fills like to be full. You will eat much less, you'll never feel overfull, and you will enjoy your food.

How do we fix it?
First of all, put your phone away, especially if you’re eating with other people. Second, eat slower. Cut your food into bite size pieces and chew it. Slowing down will allow your body to be more aware of when it's time to stop, and sometimes it's time to stop well before your plate is empty [especially when eating out]. Enjoy your meal and when you feel satisfied signals kicking in, drink some water and stop eating. This will greatly cut back on calories, reduce bloating, and remove that uncomfortable overfull feeling.

4. You're focusing on the wrong numbers!
It is very common to not see the number on the scale moving for a few days or even a week at a time. This does not mean you aren't losing body fat. Body weight will always fluctuate for many reasons. It could be the food you ate that day, the amount of water you drank, if you worked out, all the hormones in our bodies.
While your weight isn't moving, your body composition may be changing drastically. What you really want is to be gaining muscle mass and cutting body fat. The more lean muscle mass you have, the more body fat you will burn.

How do we fix this?
Stop stepping on the scale every day. If you must weigh yourself, weigh in every 10 days or so. Also, stop using the scale as your only form of measurement to gauge progress. The most important thing is how you feel and how things fit. Another tip, take pictures. You see yourself every day so seeing changes might be hard at first. So, take pictures every 2-4 weeks and compare. Your body composition is way more important that the number on the scale. Focus on the right numbers and you'll continue seeing progress.

It can be frustrating to not see the results you want as quickly as you want. But don’t give up! Don’t stop trying because it didn’t work out how you wanted. Take some time to really think about what you are and aren’t doing, make some changes, and try it a different way.   Keep training hard and eating smart!   If you have any specific questions about the article or your food choices shoot me an email.  See everyone this week!

- Simone Leta
Director Snap Nutrition

Owning The Foundation

Think of the first person that made a real difference in the landscape of your athletic career. Hopefully, it was someone who was positive and understood the motivation and courage necessary to just come out and compete with the team.

One of the best parts about our roles as a strength + conditioning coaches is that it gives us the opportunity to teach young people that anything is possible with consistent hard work and effort. In the gym, as well as in life, hard work and effort is rewarded with results. From a basic training environment to the most advanced – it should not be pretentious, intimidating, and should never deter the average person. Phones off, music turned up, hard work being done.
We’ve created an environment that fosters learning, patience, being fundamentally sound, and above all, being accountable. When athletes know that their coach is accountable, and they are held accountable as well, trust is built and becomes the catalyst for a successful program. Our primary objective is to build a foundation for the athlete to become a strong minded person! The sports come and go, but mental strength and a positive attitude are primary for life long success.

Building a high level youth athlete starts with the mind they must believe.  We program events that are easily measurable, and don't let them bite off more than they can chew - at least right off the bat. Along the way, we’ll change the standard and expect more, encourage often, and have unwavering confidence in the athletes ability to achieve all tasks.

When you genuinely care more about the progress of your athletes as opposed to your own agenda, personal development and progress, that’s when you've truly bridged the gap to becoming a real coach.   We are a facility full of Coaches, more apt to discuss state champions, college athlete success stories, NFL athletes than their 2k row personal best or max squat. We are in the business of helping others achieve success. Their success is our success.

We take pride in coaching with intent, going the extra mile, spotting with conviction, all the time.

Lead from the front.


In Strength,
Dan Goodman

P.S. - Open Enrollment registration for all Winter athlete training begins November 15th!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Ultimate Marketing Guidlelines - Business Of Strength Podcast

Business Of Strength Podcast  #5
In this episode Joe and Dan discuss exactly what branding means to the gym business. They discuss how branding is so much more than just your social media presence. They dissect some of the ‘giants” in the branding industry and show examples of how Strength Entrepreneurs can use those same tactics on a smaller scale and budget. If you want to learn how to make your gym stand out in a crowded market by creating a unique brand than this episode is a must listen!

Topics Include:
• Five branding rules to live by.
• Ten ways to bring your brand to life.
• What we can learn from the giants like Nike and CrossFit.
• How to use social media to express your brand.
• Your name and your logo matter…a lot!
• Branding on a budget.

Take a listen to the episode below, accompanied with the show notes:


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Monday, October 16, 2017

Whats Dangerous is Not Evolving

The subject of this article is a quote from one of the best business minds in the last 100 years, Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon.  Amazon has become a global GIANT that has changed the way people conduct business on a day-to-day basis.  What many seem to forget is that Amazon started off as an online book store, buying and selling new and used books, nothing more!   Pretty remarkable to think of the evolution of Amazon in the past 18 years.

They’ve expanded their horizons on all fronts.  Even with all their growth, the company ethos has remained steadfast since the inception: How can we create the absolute best customer experience?  For better or worse Amazon has given people the ability to never have to leave their homes!  Food +  drink (WHOLEFOODS!), household goods, syndicated TV, same day delivery, company– Alexa, and I think they even still sell books.  They’ve expanded into these fields gradually all while keeping that same top notch user friendly experience.


"If you do build a great experience, customers tell each other about that. Word of mouth is very powerful."

Amazon has gone from impacting thousands to billions in the course of 18 years.  My question to YOU: Is your company built to handle real growth? Are you sturdy enough as a company to evolve?  Many gym owners and trainers have the capability to coach well up to about 100, maybe even 125 members.  What happens if you grow to 200 or even 250 members? Are you going to be able to continue to over deliver with the customer service experience? 

If you are having trouble answering these questions have no fear - we did too.  That’s when we got serious about scaling the systems that companies like Amazons have used to take over the world!  If you need help identifying ways to help YOUR gym scale up, join us for our next Business of Strength Mentorship HERE.

In Strength,
Dan Goodman

Monday, October 2, 2017

Planning For The Highly Successful

"Train Like An Athlete"

That was our slogan when we first transitioned from exclusively training competitive sport athletes to empowering adult clients. Gone are the days of mindless cardio and balancing on bosu balls – hopefully. Training with no goals, is like driving without a destination! The program is just one piece of the puzzle, we pride ourselves on creating individuality within a group setting.

Consistent engagement is key. Why do clients want to keep coming back to your space?  Our training sessions are no secret:

Clients are made aware of what we expect from them each day and their progress is tracked.   As for the adults that just completed our September block check out some of the best 1000m ski times below that were achieved throughout the month:

Letting our members to know whats on the menu has raised the fitness level of our entire community.  We look forward to pushing the envelope even further as we can prepare to take on our 13th 6 Week Transformation!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Business Of Strength Podcast #3 - Marketing Your Gym

 Today we live in a false reality where fake lives, fake friends, and fake marketing are the norm.  People spend an inordinate amount of time on a variety of social media outlets trying to portray an image that is at best only partially true.  They accumulate followers by the thousands, but to their dismay, ARE NOT THEIR REAL FRIENDS!!!

This past week Dan and I had the amazing opportunity to speak in front of over 50 people at the Gym Jones advanced seminar and our two-day Business of Strength mentorship at Varsity House HQ.  That opportunity came to life because the “real” relationships we built with the Gym Jones community.  We cultivated that relationship over four years spending time going to Utah to train, communicating via email/phone, attending seminars on our own time, helping to coach attendees, and taking the time to listen.  When they wanted to improve their business portion of the seminar they turned to people they trusted personally.  Likewise, the majority of people who attend our business mentorships are people we have met along our fitness journey.    They have had the opportunity to hear our story, see firsthand our passion, find belief in our depth of knowledge, and most of all just get to know as genuinely good dudes.  Time is truly more valuable than money.

Taking the time to listen to someone’s needs, answer questions, give honest and critical feedback, and provide a service and value that is needed are sure fire ways to build a trusting friendship.  We spent the majority of the time coaching and helping others, not pumping our products and worrying about social media posts.  We want to speak to people, meet with them, and connect so we could get to know them and their businesses.  As always, we made many new friends and reconnected with some old ones we have not seen in a while.

Fitness for most is about trust.  What better way to build trust than to be a friend.  If you want to build trust in your community and with your customers start by focusing on them.  Provide value and service, and most of all listen to what they want.  The best way to do it is through  community outreach,  referrals, and direct emails.  In the end, we are trying to get people to commit to our brand of fitness.  To believe and trust in what we tell them, so much so, that they tell their friends and family about us.  Most of all we want them to come to our gym!  If you would like to hear how Dan and I do it at Varsity House check out our latest podcast on ‘Marketing Your Gym’.  It should be no surprise that social media is not on the list, it is centered on building trust and real relationships.

Dedicated to Your Success,
        Coach Joe Riggio
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