Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Training Camp Survival Tips from the Pros

Training camp is upon us which means one thing, are you READY for some football?!    While no one enjoys the heat and soreness that becomes synonymous with double sessions, “Camp” is something that is here to stay.  Having a structured recovery routine and training plan throughout training camp and the season will help with increased performance, less aches and pains, and will assist with career longevity.   Whatever level of competition Pee-Wee to the Pro’s the guys that feel the best at the start of practice will play the best on Game Day.   We did a little Q & A with both Mike Reilly and Jason Foster as to what their top tips were for surviving both training camp and the season.   Here’s what they had to say:

1.   Q: Top 5 Items on the shopping list before shipping off for training camp?

Foster A: Depending on what weight, body fat, and muscles mass percentages I need to hold on to during camp will determine what’s on my list.  If my requirements are met I stick with chicken breast, pasta, veggies, and protein shakes.  I will splurge once a week with some pizza and ice cream.

Reilly A: Have to have your protein! A protein shake before bed will go a long way for you during camp. Other than that, fish oil, glucosamine, multi vitamin and ice cold water are essential.

2.   Q: What’s the 1 thing you can’t live without during the season? 

Foster A:  Ice cream after a game!

Reilly A: I cant live without youtube. I love watching motivational videos and interviews with other successful athletes from other sports. Seeing people at their personal best is inspirational.

3.   Q:  Pre-Practice Rituals?

Foster A: Hot Tub, Shower, 50 Banded Curls, House music and I’m ready to go.

Reilly A: I dont have rituals, but I follow certain guidelines. I always get in the hot tub or take a hot shower to heat my body up. After that, I foam roll or stretch or both according to how my body is feeling on that particular day.

4.    Q:  What are some of the Recovery Methods used during training camp and do they change throughout the season?

Foster A: I live in the cold tub and massage room.  Acupuncture, cold tub, gallons of water to flush the body of soreness.  My recovery methods don’t change much as it’s a long season.

Reilly A: I listen to my body. It could be ice, stretching, foam rolling, massage, cryotherapy or anything else I think I need. The two most important recovery methods are hydration and sleep. The only thing that changes from camp to the season, is that you have to have your body peak by game day.

5.   Q:  Who are some of the Veterans you looked to model your professionalism after?

Foster A: When I was a Rookie for the Oakland Raiders I had two Veterans Jared Veldheer and Mike Briesel really take me under their wing.  They showed me how to be a real pro, I thank them every day for that.

Reilly A: I was always a Michael Strahan fan growing up. However, I find inspiration from anyone who attacks their craft with passion. I am a huge Conor McGregor and Chris Weidman fan as well.

6.   Q:  What does your In-Season S+C look like throughout the season?

Foster A: It’s all about maintaining strength if you’re on the active roster.  It’s a long season so being able to be strong throughout has its advantages against other players at the end of the year.  While on the practice squad guys are always trying to improve on their lifts and get stronger.

Reilly A: It is important to continue training in the gym throughout the season. There is no point in training all off-season then stopping once the season comes. You have to listen to your body and train accordingly. Personally, I love to train just as hard in-season but the only thing that changes is the amount of weight, and the length of the workout. Keep it short, but keep it intense.

7.    Q:   Explain what the diet looks like, and any supplements throughout the season?

Foster A:  A lot of Carbs and Proteins to keep my energy levels high.  I’ll also incorporate a shake before bed as I’m a guy who struggles to keep weight on throughout the season.  I go for my cheat meals on the off days with the O-line.

Reilly A: Your body needs fuel. My number one rule while filling my plate is balance. Every meal needs a good balance of protein, carbs and fats. Dont be a meathead, color it up. Fruits and veggies should make up atleast half of your plate. My favorite supplements are casein protein, glucosamine and amino acids.

8.   Q:  Quote to live by during the season?

Foster A:  “Make sure you don’t start seeing yourself through the eyes of those who don’t value you.  Know you’re worth even if they don’t believe it.  Prove them wrong everday.”

Reilly A:Believe in your training and in your ability.”

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Thanks for reading!

-Dan Goodman


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