Saturday, September 2, 2017

Remain Consistent

“It is the accumulation of the hundreds of minute decisions that is the difference between mediocrity and true excellence.”

-Kevin Eastman
Director of Player Development for the LA Clippers
This is true with what we do as coaches, what our athletes do as athletes, and what anyone does in their career or fitness journey. If we’re truly striving for excellence, we must take hold of this concept.

It is the importance of our decisions, our actions, our thinking — no matter how small they may be on a given day — that all add up to something significant over time. When we think that a detail or decision is insignificant, we need to remember that it’s not just this detail or this decision this time that’s important. It’s this detail or decision in addition to the hundreds of other details and decisions over time that add up and help us in our own pursuit of excellence.

The most successful athletes and adult clients have truly embodied this concept. Over the course of the last 4 months, my most successful collegiate athletes have attended 65 of 72 possible sessions. Within these sessions, they always did their personal weak point training prior to training, they never failed reps on any of their exercises,  I backed off when they were tired, and pushed them when they felt good. Most importantly, they showed up. Furthermore, I established a relationship with them because they had trust in me, and I in them.
As a result, they all achieved personal records in the following: Average 1RM on the bench = 34.6 lbs. Squat: 41.3 lbs. Push ups = 7.4. Pull ups = 4.8. It was the little things over time that contributed to the success of each one of these athletes! May it be relationships, business or training, the small habits that you build daily will help change your life forever. Start slow, be consistent, and watch your success surmount. September is here and there's no better time to take a hold of a new beginning than now.

The Summer is over and it’s time for you to start making those small decisions that lead to long term success.  There is no better time to take a hold of a new beginning than now.*

In Strength
 - Coach Adam Menner

Sept 11th - Dec. 3rd

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