Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Personal Transformation!!

For the past 8 weeks I had one of our VH members, Gary Ottomanelli embark on his own personal transformation.  Gary has been a VH regular since the very inception of our original 6 week transformation, and has had much success with that program.  However over the course of the last few months he felt like he was sputtering out and plateauing. He sent an email to see what we could do to ramp up his training efforts. We put together an 8 week plan that called for 3 private sessions per week and a diet specific for losing fat and gaining lean muscle.    The numbers and pictures speak for themselves...

Having Gary on my squad for a past 6WT, I knew he was capable of training like an animal and dieting to an extent. He went above and BEYOND for his individual transformation.    Gary’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable and I’m very proud to have coached him through this process.  His determination, effort, and positive attitude towards achieving his goals is why he attained so much success. There is NO magic plan or formula.   

All Coaches at Varsity House Gym will be taking on 1 individual transformer heading into memorial day, I’ll be selecting my next transformation contestant by April 1st.  If your interested in a personal transformation send an email to dgoodman@varsityhousegym.com.  

“Willingness is essential in any initiation or in making any dream come true.  'I can’t' often means 'I won’t.'  You can change 'I won’t' to 'I will' with will power.”

Dan Goodman 

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