Monday, July 31, 2017

Do You Drink Starbucks?

Do you drink

Ever wonder why daily, we willingly go and pay nearly double for the same exact product, coffee?   I’m an avid drinker of the stuff and will go out on a limb and say the product actually is better than other chain’s, but double the price better?  The reason  consumers pay so much more has to do with the culture and customer experience Starbucks has created.   You're addressed by first name (and it's also written on your cup!) when your order is ready. Grande, venti, tall;  they literally have us speaking a damn different language!

The couches, clean bathrooms, seasonal music & smells, free WI-FI along with dozens of power outlets... I think you get the point.  It's more about the cup of coffee... it's about the experience.   Too many coaches worry SO much about the X’s and O’s of training and lose sight of what the consumer cares about. It's way less about what you know and way more about how you make them feel every single time they walk in the door. 

Does your gym meet the Starbucks criteria for top level customer service?  Varsity House has taken the customer service experience from Starbucks and implemented it into our brand of fitness.   If you need help identifying ways to make YOUR business run as smoothly as a Starbucks, join us for our Business of Strength mentor-ship.

Thursday & Friday
August 24th & 25th 2017
at Varsity House Gym
(Limited to 10 seats)

Saturday & Sunday
January 13th & 14th 2018
at Reach Fitness Clapham (London, England)
(Limited to 15 seats)

coach our classes. Learn how to cater to both high-level athletes and adults alike, all while delivering the ultimate customer experience. Develop all the essential tools you need to build your own million-dollar business and become a true Strength Entrepreneur.   I look forward to working with you soon!

In Strength
- Dan Goodman

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