Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Brothers Of Destruction

The first rule of Brothers Of Destruction is, you don't talk about Brothers Of Destruction. This group, or club if you will, all started about 1 year ago. It just worked out that I had an opening in my schedule on Thursday evenings, so I decided to send an email to a specific part of our community. I was looking for anyone who wanted to increase their overall training experience with specific goals. I had several inquiry’s but there was one that stood out. One of our long-time athletes Adam Thomas, was looking to pursue a career in the army after he was done playing football at Springfield College. He explained to me he was looking to increase the intensity of his training to help better prepare for his future in the military. After talking and devising a real plan, we started training every Thursday night.


After a few weeks of training another one of our long-time athletes, Martin Scheuring had some interest in similar training. I would be training these 2 big dudes while other classes would be coming in, watching them do log presses, tire flips, sandbag carries, and much more. Before I knew it, I started drawing interest from a few other guys. Fast forward a year later it has turned into an squad of about 8-11 brotha’s!  I soon realized that these dudes are serious and that this can turn into something really cool. Mental testing had to begin. I started programming things that would test them mentally and see If they would break. After several months of max distance sandbag carries, death medleys outside in 30 degree weather, team 10k ski challenges, bodyweight sled pulls for 200yds, and "The Duke" (don’t ask!!!) they began to love it and couldn’t wait for the next form of physical torture.  Since the workout is only once every two weeks the energy and anticipation for the session is always an inspiration.

I quickly came to the realization that these guys were mentally tough. I needed to start programming to improve specific movements. The last few months we have worked on their log press and the deadlift. This training led to half of the "brothas" crew competing in our annual strongman challenge. When they are here the atmosphere in the gym is unbelievable. There have been times where everyone in the entire gym will stop what they’re doing just to watch them. I have had college athletes come home from school and back to the gym and ask me, “Are the Brothas training tonight?" We now even have a group of Badass females (Dooms Day Divas) on a similar bi-weekly schedule. We even recently had a new gym member come in for one of their first workouts and ask,  “When do the Brotha’s train?"

What?! It has really grown into something great, and it all started very organically. Most people never reach their full potential or see what they are truly capable of accomplishing. My number one goal of B.O.D. is to rid the fear and give each person the opportunity to unleash their full potential. Having a group of individuals in the facility willing to go all the way, will motivate 7th graders all the way to high performance athletes. It doesn't ever matter about age or ability as long as the EFFORT is extreme!

If you’re looking to be part of the B.O.D crew there are 3 things you MUST know:

   1) You must pass the B.O.D mental testing.
   2) Consistency creates change.
   3) Don’t ever forget the first rule!
Stay Heavy!
  - Coach Mike

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